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   Talks at Conferences / Workshops / Lectures:

   2017 :

  1. "Higgs couplings perspectives at the future e+e- circular colliders", talk at Higgs couplings 2017, Heidelberg, Nov. 2017
  2. "QCD synergies at FCC", talk at FCC week, Berlin, May 2017
  3. "QCD and two-photon physics at FCC-ee", talk at FCC week, Berlin, May 2017
  4. "gamma-gamma-->gamma-gamma at the LHC and FCC", talk at PHOTON-2017, CERN, May 2017
  5. "Physics at a future e+e- circular collider", seminar at ICC-UB seminari, Barcelona, May 2017
  6. "QCD at future e+e- colliders", invited talk at DIS'17, Birmingham, April 2017
  7. "Charm and bottom cross sections at NNLO in hadronic collisions", talk at Moriond-QCD, March 2017
  8. "Physics at FCC-ions", talk at Quark Matter'17, Chicago, Feb. 2017
  9. "QCD: FCC-ee, FCC-eh, and FCC-pp complementary", talk at 1st FCC Physics Workshop, CERN, Jan. 2017
  10. "Higgs boson at FCC-ions", talk at 1st FCC Physics Workshop, CERN, Jan. 2017
  11. "e+e- physics at the Future Circular Collider", seminar at Cosmo, Particle Physics & Phenomenology, CP3, Louvain, Jan. 2017

   2016 :

  1. "Low-z fragmentation functions at NNLO*+NNLL", talk at Parton radiation and fragmentation from LHC to FCC-ee, CERN, Nov. 2016
  2. "e+e- physics at the Future Circular Collider", talk at Seminaire LLR, Palaiseau, Nov. 2016
  3. "Perturbative QCD at the LHC", talk at Theorie-LHC France, Orsay, Nov. 2016
  4. "Precision QCD: Experimental status", talk at Rencontres Vietnam 2016 (Precision theory for precise measurements at LHC & future colliders), Quy-Nhon, Sept. 2016
  5. "Higgs boson and top quarks in nuclear collisions", talk at Hard Probes 2016, Wuhan, Sept. 2016
  6. "QCD at future colliders", talk at QCD@LHC 2016, Zurich, Aug. 2016
  7. "Higgs measurements at future circular colliders", talk at ICHEP 2016, Chicago, Aug. 2016
  8. "FCC-ee physics", talk at ECFA-LC2016, Santander, June 2016
  9. "Nuclear glue from top quark production in ion collisions at LHC and FCC", talk at Initial Stages 2016, Lisbon, May 2016
  10. "Global event properties in p-p at 100 TeV", talk at QCD at Cosmic Energies - VII, Chalkida, May 2016
  11. "alpha_s status and FCC-ee prospects", talk at FCC Week 2016, Rome, April 2016
  12. "Review of QCD coupling determinations", talk at Moriond-QCD, March 2016
  13. "Quarkonia from double parton scatterings in p-A, A-A collisions", talk at New observables in quarkonium production, ECT*, Trento, Feb. 2016
  14. "Electron Yukawa from resonant s-channel Higgs at FCC-ee", talk at 10th FCC-ee physics workshop, CERN, Feb. 2016
  15. "Hard QCD at the LHC: Review", talk at Aspen 2016 Winter Conf., January, 2016

   2015 :

  1. "Higgs and top physics at FCC-ions", talk at Ions at the FCC-ions, CERN, Nov. 2015
  2. "Photon-induced and cosmic-rays physics at FCC-ions", talk at Ions at the FCC-ions, CERN, Nov. 2015
  3. "Light-by-light scattering via photon fusion at the LHC/FCC", talk at QED birefringence workshop, DESY, Nov. 2015
  4. "alpha_s from LHC to FCC-ee: Summary", talk at Workshop on precision measurements of alpha_s: from LHC to FCC-ee, CERN, Oct. 2015
  5. "Inclusive hadron production at 100 TeV: Cosmic-rays vs. collider hadronic Monte Carlos", talk at QCD, EW and tools at 100 TeV, CERN, Oct. 2015
  6. "s-channel Higgs production at FCC-ee(125 GeV)", talk at 1st FCC-ee workshop on Higgs physics, CERN, Sept. 2015
  7. "Physics at FCC-ee", talk at LFC 2015, ECT*-Trento, Sept. 2015
  8. "Physics at FCC-ee", talk at 17th Lomonosov Conf. on Elementary Particle Physics, Moscow, Aug. 2015
  9. "Discovering light-by-light scattering at the LHC", talk at EDS'15 conference, Corsica, June 2015
  10. "QCD at the LHC", invited talk at Symposium ``Symmetries and Phases in the Universe'', Irsee, June 2015
  11. "alpha_s determination at NNLO*+NNLL from a global fit of the jet frag. functions in e+e- & DIS", talk at Moriond-QCD, March, 2015
  12. "Review of CMS physics at LHC Run-1", invited talk at Bormio 2015, Bormio, 26-30 Jan. 2015

   2014 :

  1. "Impact of LHC data on astroparticle physics (cosmic rays, dark matter)", Colloquium at ICC-Universitat de Barcelona, Nov. 2014
  2. "Resonant s-channel Higgs production at the FCC-ee", talk at 8th FCC-ee Physics Workshop, LPNHE-Paris, Oct. 2014
  3. "Impact of LHC data on astroparticle physics (cosmic rays, dark matter)", talk at LHC Days at Split 2014, Split, Oct. 2014
  4. "Top-quark production in nuclear collisions at the LHC and FCC", talk at Ions at the Future Circular Collider (FCC), CERN, Sept 2014
  5. "Measuring light-by-light scattering at the LHC & FCC(ion-ion)", talk at Ions at the Future Circular Collider (FCC), CERN, Sept 2014
  6. "Determination of alpha_s from the low-z parton-to-hadron fragmentation function", talk at ICHEP'14, Valencia, July 2014
  7. "Search of resonant s-channel Higgs production at the FCC(e+e-)", talk at Future Circular Collider Physics worskhop, Geneva, June 2014
  8. "QCD & photon-photon physics at the FCC-ee", talk at Future Circular Collider Physics worskhop, Geneva, June 2014
  9. "Discovering light-by-light scattering at the LHC", talk at Workshop on photon-induced collisions at the LHC, CERN, June 2014
  10. "Double parton scatterings in collisions with nuclei at the LHC", talk at Quark Matter'14, Darmstadt, May 2014
  11. "A precise determination of alpha_s from the evolution of jet fragmentation functions at low z", talk at Moriond-QCD'14, La Thuile, March 2014
  12. "Summary of CMS results in the first 3 LHC years ", talk at Weekly Seminar, IFAE, Barcelona, Feb. 2014
  13. "QCD & gamma-gamma physics at the FCC(e+e-)", talk at Future Circular Collider kick-off meeting, Geneva, Feb. 2014
  14. "Review of QCD physics at the LHC", talk at Hirschegg 2014, Kleinwalsertal, Jan. 2014

   2013 :

  1. "Review of 3 years of physics with CMS at the LHC", talk at Trobada de Nadal, Univ. Barcelona, Dec. 2013
  2. "Photon-photon & UHE cosmic-ray physics opportunities at the FCC with ions", talk at Ions at the Future Hadron Collider , CERN, Dec. 2013
  3. "Double-parton scatterings in p-A & A-A collisions at the LHC", talk at Hard-Probes 2013, Stellenbosch (South Africa), Nov. 2013 (also at Workshop on Di-Onia and EWK+Onia, CERN, Nov. 2013)
  4. "QCD and photon-photon physics case for TLEP", talk at 6th TLEP Workshop, CERN, Geneva, October 2013
  5. "Connections between the collider and cosmic physics frontiers", invited talk at Int. Conf. on New Frontiers in Physics, Crete, Aug - Sept 2013
  6. "Revealing double-parton scatterings in p-p and p-A collisions at the LHC'', talk at Workshop on "QCD at Cosmic Energies - VI", Paris, May 2013
  7. "Double- and multi-parton scattering in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC", talk at Workshop on proton-nucleus physics at the LHC, May 2013, ECT* - Trento
  8. "CMS Physics Overview", talk at LISHEP2013: Workshop on High Energy Physics in the Near Future, Rio de Janeiro, March 2013
  9. "Physics at large rapidities in pp collisions at the LHC", talk at High-energy scattering at zero degrees, Nagoya Univ., March 2013
  10. "Parton distributions functions, isolated photons, and LHC at fixed-target energies", talk at Physics at A Fixed Target ExpeRiment (AFTER) using the LHC beams, ECT* Trento, Feb 2013
  11. "(Di)Photons at the LHC: pQCD, Higgs and Beyond SM", seminar at weekly HEP Seminar, UB, Barcelona, Jan 2013

   2012 :

  1. "Small-x QCD at the LHC with protons & nuclei", talk at Prof. Itzhak Tserruya's 70th birthday Symposium, Weizmann Inst., Oct 2012
  2. "Double parton scattering in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC", invited talk at Multi-parton interactions at the LHC, TAU, Tel-Aviv, Oct 2012
  3. "Constraining the gluon from collider isolated photon data", invited talk at QCD @ LHC 2012, MSU, Aug 2012
  4. "(Di)photons at the LHC: from precision QCD to Higgs and searches of new physics", invited BNL Physics Dept colloquium, NYC, Aug 2012
  5. "Forward Physics at the LHC", invited talk at Workshop on Forward Physics at the LHC (BNL), NYC, Aug 2012
  6. "Hadronic collisions at cosmic energies: What have we learnt from the LHC ?", talk at QCD Cosmic - V , Paris, June 2012
  7. "Perturbative probes of the QGP", talk at 6th Int. Conf. on Quark & Nuclear Physics, Paris, Apr. 2012
  8. "Constraints on the gluon PDF from collider photon data", talk at Workshop on Photon Physics and Simulation at Hadron Colliders, LPNHE (Paris), 30 Mar. 2012
  9. "QCD at colliders", SM master course at Universitat de Barcelona, Feb.-Mar. 2012
  10. "Photons and diphotons at the LHC: from QCD and Higgs to BSM", invited seminar at LAPP Annecy, Savoie, 24th Feb. 2012

   2011 :

  1. "Frontiers of QCD: From Puzzles to Discoveries", invited summary talk at EDS'11 Blois Workshop "Frontiers of QCD: From Puzzles to Discoveries", Dec. 15-21, 2011, Qui Nhon, Vietnam
  2. "Isolated photons and PDFs", talk at PDF4LHC and WG on Electroweak precision measurements at the LHC, CERN, Nov. 2011
  3. "Photons and PDFs", invited talk at Confronting Theory with Experiment: Puzzles, Challenges and Opportunities in the LHC Era, Fermilab, Nov. 2011
  4. "Hard QCD with photons at the LHC", invited talk at Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2011, Paris, Nov. 2011
  5. "Ultraperipheral collisions in pPb at the LHC", talk at Prospects of p-Pb collisions during the 2012 LHC HI run, CERN, Oct 2011
  6. "Quantifying the impact of collider isolated photon data on global PDF fits ", talk at EPS-HEP'11, Grenoble, July 2011
  7. "Isolated photon production at LHC fixed-target energies and constraints of the high-x parton densities in the proton and nucleus", talk at One-day Meeting : fixed-target projects at CERN, IPN-Orsay , July 2011
  8. "Cosmic-rays MCs vs LHC data", talk at LHC MB and UE Working Group, CERN, June 2011
  9. "Parton structure and QCD evolution", invited student lecture at Quark-Matter 2011, Annecy, May 2011
  10. "Introduction to LHC physics", invited lecture at 2nd School on LHC Physics, CERN & Islamabad, May 2011
  11. "The strong interaction at multi-TeV energies: collider and cosmic-rays data", invited talk 30 years of strong interactions, Spa, April 2011
  12. "Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons: DIS'11 summary", summary talk (with C. Marquet & C. Mesropian) at DIS'11, Newport (VA, USA), April 2011
  13. "High energy cosmic rays and Large Hadron Collider data", Colloquium at ICC-HEP, Barcelona, March 2011

   2010 :

  1. "Low-x physics at the LHC", invited talk at EMMI-GSI Workshop, Nov. 2010
  2. "Small-x physics at the LHC", invited talk at 3rd CERN-ECFA-NuPECC Workshop on the LHeC, Nov. 2010
  3. "Critical discussion of the evidence for Color-Glass-Condensate at RHIC (and LHC)", discussion talk (with Yuri Kovchegov) at Hard Probes'10, Eilat, Oct 2010
  4. "High energy cosmic rays and Large Hadron Collider data", Colloquium at APC, Paris, Oct 2010
  5. "LHC experiments: Heavy-Ions", lectures at Taller d'Altes Energies, Univ. de Barcelona, Sept. 2010
  6. "Overview of physics at the Large Hadron Collider", review talk at Hot-Quarks 2010, La Londe Les Maures, June 2010
  7. "QCD matter research in high-energy nucleus-nucleus collisions", invited talk at Light-Cone Workshop 2010, Valencia, June 2010
  8. "Measuring nuclear PDFs at the LHC: a wish list", invited talk at Workshop on nuclear Parton Distribution Functions, Annecy, Feb 2010

   2009 :

  1. Photon-fusion production of the Higgs boson in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC, talk at Forward Physics at the LHC Workshop, Manchester, 12-14 Dec. 2009
  2. Production and measurement of the Higgs boson in colour-singlet processes at the LHC, talk at Internal UB-ECM Seminar, Barcelona, 2 October 2009
  3. Production du boson de Higgs en processus gamma-gamma dans les collisions p-A et A-A au LHC, talk at Rencontres QGP France 2009, Etretat, France, 15-18 Sept. 2009
  4. Forward jet measurements in ATLAS, CMS & LHCb, invited talk at 13th Int. Conf. on Elastic & Diffractive Scattering, CERN, 29th June -- 3d July 2009
  5. Quarkonia measurements with ATLAS, CMS & LHCb, invited talk at Workshop on Quarkonia in Hot and Dense Matter, ECT*-Trento (Italy), May 25-29, 2009
  6. Implications of LHC measurements for cosmic-rays physics at ultra-high energies, invited talk at Int. Workshop: QCD from Colliders to Super-High Energy Cosmic Rays, May 2009
  7. Viscosity/entropy: latest heavy-ions data vs AdS/CFT talk at the Informal Meeting on Strings, QCD & Heavy-Ions, Univ. de Barcelona, 5th May 2009
  8. Strongly interacting quark-gluon matter in high-energy nuclear collisions invited colloquium at IFAE, UA Barcelona, 4th May 2009
  9. Nucleus-nucleus physics: Experimental review, invited plenary talk talk at DIS 2009, Madrid, April 2009
  10. Higgs and new physics with forward protons at the LHC, Particle Physics seminar at UC Davis, Davis (CA), April 7th 2009
  11. Forward jets and Mueller-Navelet dijets in p-p at 14 TeV, poster at Quark-Matter'09 XXI Int. Conf., Knoxville (TN), March 2009.
  12. Higgs and new physics with forward protons at the LHC: the FP420 project, talk at Moriond QCD 2009, La Thuile, 14-21 March 2009
  13. The strong interaction at high energies: from the QCD phase diagram to the Higgs boson, talk at IX Trobada UB-ECM, Barcelona, 6 February 2009
  14. LHC measurements and cosmic-rays physics at the highest energies, invited talk at Workshop on High-Density QCD at the LHC and in Cosmic Rays, Santiago de Compostela, 2--4 February 2009

   2008 :

  1. High-pT hadrons, jets at heavy-ion colliders, lectures at Int. School on Quark-Gluon-Plasma, Torino, 8-14 December 2008
  2. Jet quenching: Open Issues, invited talk at WIS PANIC08 Satellite meeting, Tel-Aviv, 16 Nov. 2008
  3. Jet quenching: from RHIC to LHC, invited talk at PANIC-2008, Eilat, 9-14 November 2008
  4. Heavy-Ion Physics at Collider Energies (Lecture I) (Lecture II), invited lectures at LHC School France-Asie, Les Houches, September 2008
  5. Heavy-Ion Physics at RHIC and the LHC, lectures at Taller de Fisica de Altas Energias, Madrid, September 2008
  6. High Parton Density Physics with protons and nuclei at the LHC, invited talk at ECFA-CERN LHeC Workshop , Divonne Les Bains, September 2008
  7. Forward physics at the LHC, lectures at European Graduate School HANUC, Jyvaskyla, August 2008
  8. Physics at the TeV-scale: LHC experiments (Lecture 1), (Lecture 2), at Flavour School 2008, Benasc, July 2008
  9. Forward physics at the LHC: QCD, Electroweak and Higgs, lectures at Les Houches QCD 2008, Les Houches, Mar 25th - April 4th 2008
  10. Physique vers l'avant au LHC dans le Modèle Standard et au-delà, seminar at LLR, Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau), 17 March 2008
  11. Forward Detectors and Physics at the LHC, invited talk at HLPW2008 Meeting, Spa (Belgium), 6--8 March 2008
  12. Photons, Hydrodynamics and the QCD Equation-of-State, Workshop on Hot and Dense Matter in the RHIC-LHC Era, Mumbai, Feb 11th-14th 2008
  13. High-density QCD with CMS at the LHC, plenary talk at Quark Matter'08, Jaipur, Feb 4th-10th 2008
  14. High-pT physics and jets (Lecture 1), (Lecture 2), lectures at QGP Winter School, Jaipur, Feb 1th-3th 2008
  15. High-density QCD with heavy-ions at the energy frontier, invited seminar at Bhabha Atom. Res. Center, Mumbai, Jan. 31st 2008

   2007 :

  1. Forward Physics at the LHC: within and beyond the SM, seminar at 7a Trobada de Nadal de Física Teòrica, Universitat de Barcelona, Dec. 2007
  2. Forward Physics at the LHC: within and beyond the SM, lectures at II Latin American Workshop on High Energy Phenomenology, Dec. 3rd-7th 2007
  3. Tagging Vector-Boson-Fusion Higgs with forward jets in CASTOR, Workshop Diffraction and Forward Physics at HERA and the LHC, Antwerp, Oct 25th-27th 2007
  4. CASTOR EDR: Physics, beam-test results, calibration, CASTOR Engineering Design Report defense, Oct. 30th 2007
  5. High-Density QCD with Heavy-Ions in CMS, Rencontres QGP-France, Etretat, Sept 19th 2007
  6. High energy quarkonia photoproduction at heavy ion colliders: from RHIC to LHC, Photon-2007 Int. Conf., La Sorbonne, Paris, July 10th 2007
  7. CMS Heavy-Ions Physics Studies, CMS-HI Annual Meeting, CERN, June 15th 2007
  8. High-density QCD at the energy frontier: CMS capabilities at the LHC, Berkeley NSD seminar, LBNL Berkeley, June 12th 2007
  9. Small-x QCD: Experimental status, invited talk at 9th Workshop of non-perturbative QCD, Inst. Astrophysique Paris, June 4th - 8th 2007
  10. Direct photon and hadron spectra in Pb-Pb at 5.5 TeV: hydro + pQCD predictions, talk at Heavy-Ions Colls. at the LHC: Last Call for predictions, CERN, May 14th - June 8th 2007
  11. Forward Physics at the LHC (mostly at CMS), presentation at PH-CMG group meeting, CERN, 21st May. 2007
  12. QCD matter in extreme conditions, seminar at ECM Dept., Univ. Barcelona, 17th May. 2007
  13. CASTOR Heavy-Ions Physics Programme, at CMS-CASTOR meeting, CERN, 16th May 2007.
  14. CMS Physics TDR: High-Density QCD with Heavy-Ions, 88th LHCC meeting, CERN, May 9th 2007
  15. Forward physics at the LHC (invited overview talk at DIS'07, Munich, April 2007).
  16. High Density QCD with Heavy-Ions: CMS physics TDR, (presentation at CMS Physics Days, CERN, March 2007).
  17. Perspectives in low-x QCD with protons and heavy-ions at the LHC (invited talk at 6th small-x and diffraction Workshop, Fermilab, March 2007).
  18. Experimental tests of low-x QCD (invited overview talk at Moriond'07 - QCD, La Thuile, March 2007).
  19. Status of low-x QCD physics (invited overview talk at Colliders to Cosmic-Rays '07 (C2CR07), Lake Tahoe (CA), Feb. 2007)
  20. Heavy-Ion Physics with ZDC and CASTOR (talk at CMS-Forward/Totem mini-workshop, 15th Feb. 2007)
  21. QCD matter at extreme conditions: an overview (seminar at IFAE, UA Barcelona, Feb. 2007)
  22. Heavy-Ions Physics with CMS (invited talk at Journees CMS-France, LLR, Jan. 2007)
  23. Heavy-Ion Physics with CASTOR (talk at CASTOR Mini-Workshop, 18th Jan. 2007)
  24. Low-x QCD via electromagnetic PbPb collisions at 5.5 TeV in CMS (talk at Workshop on Photoproduction at collider energies: from RHIC and HERA to LHC, ECT*-Trento, 15-19 January 2007)
  25. Experimental studies of gluon saturation: from RHIC/HERA to LHC (talk at Workshop on High-energy QCD: from RHIC to LHC, ECT*-Trento, 9-13 January 2007)

   2006 :

  1. High-energy g+A, g+g processes in UltraPeripheral A+A collisions (talk at NA60 Collaboration Meetg., CERN, Dec. 2006)
  2. Low-x QCD with CMS at LHC (contributed talk at Quark-Matter'06, Shanghai, Nov. 2006)
  3. Quarkonia measurements with CMS at LHC (talk at International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium - 2006, BNL, June 27th 2006)
  4. High parton densities and low-x QCD at LHC (invited talk at II HERA-LHC Workshop, CERN, June 7th 2006)
  5. Probing QCD at high parton densities: from RHIC to LHC (invited talk at QNP06: IVth Int. Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics, Madrid, June 5th 2006)
  6. High energy heavy-ions physics: from RHIC to LHC (invited overview talk at Vth Int. Conf. on Perspectives in Hadronic Physics, ICTP-Trieste, May 25th 2006)
  7. Low-x QCD with CMS at LHC (CMS talk at Hot Quarks'06, Sardinia, May 17th 2006)
  8. CMS Zero Degree Calorimeter: Physics case (talk at the LEMIC (LHC Experiment Machine Interface Committee), CERN, Feb. 28th 2006)
  9. Two-photon & photoproduction processes in Ultraperipheral A+A collisions: from RHIC to LHC (invited talk at the Workshop on Hadronic Physics at High Energies, Santiago de Compostela, Feb. 10th-11th 2006)

   2000-2005 :

  1. Previous [2000-2005] conferences at my PHENIX web page

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