Curs de màster "QCD at colliders"

Curs de màster general: Model estàndard (any acadèmic 2011/2012)
Dates: 27 febrer - 7 març 2012
Lloc: Aula d'Informàtica V14P, Facultat de Física - Universitat de Barcelona.

Emphasis will be put on describing actual Monte Carlo implementations of QCD phenomenology of relevance for collider (mostly LHC) physics.
Practical examples/exercises will be carried out using the computer with the PYTHIA 8 event generator interfaced with the ROOT framework.

Follow ROOT installation instructions to install and compile ROOT 5.32 in your Linux box.
Follow PYTHIA 8 installation instructions to install and compile PYTHIA8 in your Linux box.

Lecture 1:

Intro. Colliders. pQCD factorization. Hadronic cross-sections. (ROOT intro) [Dilluns 27/02, 11:50 - 12:40, 12:50 - 13:40]

Lecture 2:

Elastic scattering, diffraction. Multiparton interactions (underlying event). Hadronization. (PYTHIA 8 intro) [Dimarts 28/02, 11:50 - 12:40, 12:50 - 13:40]

Lecture 3:

Initial-state (I): PDFs, DIS, global fits. [Dilluns 05/03, 11:50 - 12:40, 12:50 - 13:40]

Lecture 4:

Initial-state (II): (PYTHIA 8 exercise PDFs). QCD evolution: DGLAP, BFKL. Gluon saturation [Dimarts 06/03, 11:50 - 12:40, 12:50 - 13:40]

Lecture 5:

Hard scattering: matrix elements, NLO, LO + N-jets, parton showers, matching ... QCD thermodynamics (Quark-Gluon Plasma) [Dimecres 07/03, 11:50 - 12:40, 12:50 - 13:40]

Useful recent biblio:

  • J.M. Campbell, J.W. Huston and W.J. Stirling, “Hard Interactions of Quarks and Gluons: A Primer for LHC Physics”, hep-ph/0611148
  • Gavin Salam, “Elements of QCD for hadron colliders”, arXiv:1011.5131
  • Peter Skands, “QCD for Collider Physics”, arXiv:1104.2863

  • Evaluation:

    After the course, the students will have to carry out at least 2 of the 3 following exercises proposed:

  • Exercise 1: Modify the ROOT macro dsigma_dpT_pQCD_running_pT0.C so that:
    (i) Make it compilable i.e. modify it (Hint: Add the missing #includes "TXXX.h") so that one can do ".L dsigma_dpT_pQCD_running_pT0.C++" and "dsigma_dpT_pQCD_running_pT0()" rather than executing it as a macro (".x dsigma_dpT_pQCD_running_pT0.C").
  • Exercise 2: Modify the ROOT/PYTHIA8 program pythia8_DY_PDFs.C to plot the same y,pT distributions for the 2 PDFs but now for the case of (i) Z-boson production which decays in the dielectron channel and (ii) where the e+ and e- are both within the pseudorapidity |eta|<2.5.
  • Exercise 3: Modify the ROOT/PYTHIA8 program pythia8_DY_PDFs.C to plot also the (x,Q2) map probed in the process considered.

  • Please send the results, C++ program plus plot(s), via email to by April 1st, 2012.

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